Cruise ships and responsibilities

Cruise ships and responsibilities

Cruises sail in open water to different destinations. If an accident occurs on board that causes damage, it may be difficult to know who is responsible. When in another country the guilty party becomes even more difficult to determine.

Often these injuries may be unreported due to confusion over which party is responsible. But while its on the ship, the responsible device can be detected easier. Many injuries may come from a passenger on cruise ships, including food poisoning, damage to parts or materials on board, injury from ship personnel and other damage that occurred during the cruise time.

Many expect no problems to occur aboard, but sometimes accidents or crimes occur as in dry land.

Crime Statistics

Cruise ships security and safety teams launched in 2010 require cruise companies to report serious crimes and missing persons to the Federal Bureau of Investigations when involving US people. According to a congressional report, cruise ships have reported over 900 crimes against the FBI since 2011. The Coast Guard has only reported more than 30 years. These statistics are the reported cases, but other situations may have occurred that were not reported. If the severity of crime is relatively small, some individuals may avoid reporting the event.

Statistics posted

Due to the pressure of consumers and security advocates, three specific cruise ships have started publishing crime statistics publicly. These three cruise lines include Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian cruise ships. Royal Caribbean reports detail over fifteen thefts in excess of $ 10,000, about five victims of serious injury, ten rape charges and eleven sexual abuse issues from early 2012 to mid 2013. Norwegian reported a theft of over $ 10,000, four severe abuse, a rape fee and four sexual abuse problems. Since the beginning of 2015, the number has declined significantly. For all three combined cruise ships, only about 28 reported crimes have been registered for the whole of 2015.

Crime is unknown

Most statistics showed that rape and sexual assault were the most common crimes reported. Thefts were the next in a row, but the stolen amounts were significant. While no homicides were reported, physical abuse was a problem for some. This statistic only reflects claims. Investigations of these issues were not fully reported, nor were conclusions of the offenses committed. There was no information about the actual crimes committed.

Cause of action

Passengers aboard cruise ships may become victims of these crimes. If this occurs, there may be a cause of action against the cruise lane or other civil liability unit. Many legal issues can occur when a cruise ship aboard a cruise ship is reported. Certain laws on criminal activity are more favorable to the passengers. This is especially true when someone working on the ship is the cause of a crime. In some cases, the cruise lane is held responsible for the actions of their employees. When other passengers are responsible for crimes, the cruise line is often not responsible because they are not the reason for the offending action. If the cruise line was negligent, so that a dangerous situation may occur, they can still be held responsible.


Responsibility often varies from cruise to cruise line. Keeping these responsible devices can be difficult under certain circumstances, as certain situations are not in their control. If a robbery occurs when passengers aboard the ship, it is often complicated to hold the company accountable due to limited refundable compensation to passengers according to the tickets. Many cruise lines specifically have customers who waive certain rights by accepting the cruise crossing.

Both accidents and crashes on the vessels tend to involve complicated laws. Some cases where these things become confusing are personal injury, negligence, wrong death, local responsibility, 2010 cruise law safety act, the Jones Act and potential workers compensation pay. Navigation through all different laws usually requires the assistance of a lawyer. It is best to contact a lawyer if any of these problems arise to ensure that the correct procedures are followed.

Victimization aboard a cruise ship shall be reported to the corresponding authorities. More than one type of claim may be available, and advice from a lawyer is best to ensure that a correct and valid case is established.

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